Company Profile

Real Time Consultants (Aust) Pty Ltd (RTC) is an Australian based company situated on the Mornington Peninsula about 1 hour’s drive South East of Melbourne Australia.  The company specialises in software for process control and utility industries and also has expertise in the Telecommunications and Electronic design fields.

Senior management within RTC has an international reputation for on time, on budget delivery of sophisticated real time process control projects which include:

  • Metals Industry models development, requisition, installation & commissioning.
  • Level 1 & Level 2 process control software development, requisition, installation & commissioning.
  • Human Machine Interface for process operation.

RTC engineering services have been applied to many sites world-wide including:

  • Metals Industry projects in Australia at BlueScope Steel in Port Kembla, New South Wales and Westernport, Victoria, and Alcoa KAAL in New South Wales.
  • Metals Industry projects in North America, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia and India.
  • PLC systems upgrades at plants in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, India, and North America.
  • Specialised hardware projects for India, Australia and North America.

We have a long standing, well developed close working relationship with TMEIC (formally GE Industrial Systems) and GE-IP.  These relationships span over thirty years.
We have experience with a variety of controllers and drives including General Electric Series Six, 90-70, 90-30 and PAC PLC’s, Toshiba nV and V3000 PLC’s, Siemens S7 PLC's and GE DC300, DC2000 and Innovation Drives.
RTC has additional experience in the following market sectors.

Process Lines
Our engineers have worked extensively on process lines in Australia and North America. These include Paint Lines, Galvanising Lines, Tension Levellers and Cleaning Lines.

Utility Industry
RTC has worked extensively in the local wastewater industry. Projects have included complete upgrades of PLC control systems and provision of HMI and SCADA systems.


Telecommunications Industry
We have provided key design and consulting services in the telecommunications industries. This includes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and FPGA design and development for products including digital radio systems and digital subscriber access systems.

Software Development
RTC has software expertise ranging from embedded controller software to large scale software systems for metal rolling mills.  We specialise in real time embedded software and communications protocol drivers. We have experience with the following real time operating systems.

  • uCOS-II Embedded systems
  • MCX-11 Embedded systems
  • OS-9 VME based real time control and data acquisition systems and communications bridges.
  • Vx Works For VME based real time control
  • Windows Server Process control applications
  • QNX Process control applications
  • Free BSD Networking and communications applications

RTC has extensive experience in real time software systems based on the following languages:

  • ADA Process control applications
  • FORTRAN Process control applications
  • C++ Wide variety of applications including process control and telecommunications.
  • C# for railway signalling applications
  • Assembler Variety of assembler languages for digital signal processors (DSPs) and micro controllers
  • HDL Hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog as well as experience with schematic entry targeting Xilinx and Altera FPGAs.

Hardware Development
RTC specialises in electronic design for niche markets. Our most successful product, the Series Six Parallel I/O Interface Module (S6PIO) has been deployed in many countries around the globe. The S6PIO is a 6U VME module that allows GE-IP Rx7i PLC’s or VME based systems to interface to legacy GE Fanuc Series Six I/O.
RTC has also provided designs for specialised VME hardware for process control functions.




















Mornington SE of Melbourne Australia


Rod Mill Laying Head - India


Steel Mill - Italy


Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill - USA