Requisition, Installation and Commissioning

Combined with a proven track record in Rolling Mill Modeling Software Development, Real Time Consultants (Aust) Pty Ltd (RTC) has enjoyed outstanding success in the installation and commissioning of process modeling software.

RTC has worked closely with TMGE and TMEIC (the joint venture of General Electric and Toshiba) over many years to realise successful installation for over fifteen industrial sites across five continents.


Design and Development Services

RTC has performed design and development services for a variety of companies in the fields of industrial process control, radio and telecommunications.

Major development work for industrial control includes an online shape control system for ensuring flat product delivery from cold rolling mills.

Development for radio and telecommunications has included a novel clock recovery scheme for pair gain systems and a digital software radio for telephone trunking systems.

RTC has available a full featured development lab to enable a variety of target platforms to be staged and tested.